Ben Rudson is an aspiring runner and triathlete currently studying Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Ben came to athletics recently, only beginning in his running and triathlon careers in the summer of 2014. His beginnings were humble, but his work ethic and attention to detail prevailed, and he slowly began improving and rising through the ranks of the sport. Ben trained nearly every day in the summer of 2014. When not training, Ben spent hours analyzing video and reading books to improve his form and training plan. Late in the summer, Ben completed his first triathlon – the K-Town long course triathlon. One month later, Ben secured a spot on the Queen’s Gaels varsity triathlon team. In the spring of 2015, Ben competed in the Ottawa Marathon in an attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. A mere few hundred meters from the finish line with his goal time in sight, he collapsed suddenly suffering from acute hyponatremia. While others may have been discouraged by such an event, Ben used it as a learning experience. With renewed motivation and a personal vendetta to resolve, he trained extensively throughout the summer and accomplished his goal in the fall – qualifying for the Boston Marathon at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon by a ten minute margin. Despite his modest roots, Ben is quickly developing into an elite athlete as a result on his strong work ethic, ambitious goals, and his introspective approach to training.


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